PAROLE (LE2-4017)
SIMPLE (LE4-8346)

The EU-finaced SIMPLE project (Semantic Information for Multifunctional Plurilingual Lexica) aims at developing wide-coverage semantic lexicons for 12 European languages. The Swedish SIMPLE lexicon is one of these. All lexicons share a common semantic model and a common encoding formalism in SGML. The semantic data in the SIMPLE lexicons is being linked to the morphological and syntactic data in their respective PAROLE lexicons, developed within the EU project PAROLE, (Preparatory Action for Linguistic Resources Organisation for Language Engineering). Out of the 20,000 words in the PAROLE lexicons, a subset of about 6,000 words, or approximately 10,000 senses, has been enriched with semantic descriptions in the SIMPLE counterpart. The content and the design of the SIMPLE model are documented in Lenci et al. (1998) SIMPLE WP2, Linguistic Specifications. Deliverable 2.1, Pisa.
A more extensive overview as well as the final guidelines for the SIMPLE project is found at the PAROLE-SIMPLE official, international homepage

At the PAROLE-SIMPLE projects official, international homepage you can find

and other information about the projects.

Swedish SIMPLE and PAROLE resources

The Swedish SIMPLE Lexicon - A language engineering resource with access to semantic information in Swedish elaborated by Språkdata, Göteborgs Universitet

The Swedish PAROLE Lexicon - A language engineering resource with access to morphological and syntactic information in Swedish, elaborated by Språkdata, Göteborgs Universitet
About the Swedish PAROLE Lexicon

Sample of the Swedish SIMPLE lexicon.


Danish SIMPLE and PAROLE resources

You can find information about the Danish SIMPLE lexicon at Center for Sprogteknologi, København at

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